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Welcome to Fazlani L'Académie Globale

Fazlani L'Académie Globale (FLAG) is located at Mazagaon, which is the heart of Mumbai's Educational Hub. It is a school where the citizens of the future will be trained, developed, groomed and encouraged to think, explore and discover the new world for themselves.

When you choose Fazlani L'Académie Globale you select a way of learning that extends beyond the conventional boundaries of education, offering the very best traditional and innovative teaching methods.

Our mission is to educate and nurture each child into a responsible and global citizen in a warm and caring community that fosters excellence, responsibility and a love for life-long learning.
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Fazlani L'Académie Globale
Opp Wallace Fortuna,
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Mumbai - 400 009
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Goan Institute Inter-School English Elocution Competition

On Sunday 10th September 2017, the following students from Primary, Middle and Secondary school participated in the Inter-School English Elocution Competition (organised by the Goan Institute):

(a) Sarah Patel - Grade 2
(b) Ibrahim Syed - Grade 7B
(c) Maria Soni - Grade 7B
(d) Khadeeja Latif - Grade 10B

The competition saw participation from over 36 leading schools of Mumbai. Fazlani L' Academie Globale was awarded the Overall School Championship Trophy (for securing the highest overall points from amongst all participating schools).

Further, Khadeeja Latif secured the 1st position in the Senior Girls Category. We are proud of our achievements and extend our heartiest congratulations to our participants and the speech and drama faculty. Click here to view the picture of the winners.
70th Inter-School English Elocution Competition 2017

We are pleased to inform you that last week we participated in The 70th Inter-School English Elocution Competition that was held at Bandra Gymkhana, in August. The competition saw over 26 leading schools of Mumbai participating in the same.

Students from FLAG who participated in the competition are as follows:
(a) Under 8 Boys and Girls - Vihaan Jain and Sarah Patel
(b) 8 to 12 Years Boys and Girls - Ibrahim Syed and Faiha Siddiqui
(c) 12 to 15 Years Boys and Girls - Kalash Mehta and Khadeeja Latif

Of the above, the following students qualified for the finals and secured a podium position:
(a) Vihaan Jain (Under 8 Boys) - 3rd Position
(b) Ibrahim Syed (8 to 12 Boys) - Winner (1st Position)
(c) Sarah Patel (Under 8 Girls) - 3rd Position
(d) Khadeeja Latif (12 to 15 Years Girls) - 2nd Position

Thus out of 6 participants from our school, 4 secured a podium position. We are proud to extend our heartiest congratulations to all the participants and the winners and are sure that this is the beginning of several other laurels our children will achieve in the speech and drama vertical. Click here to view the picture of the winners.
English Elocution Competition

The English Elocution Competition for Grades 6 to 9 was held on Thursday, 31st August 2017. The students who were interested in participating for the same gave auditions to be a part of the final round. Students of Grade 6 were allowed to choose any poem, students of Grade 7 could choose an extract from any prose text (novels/short stories), Students of Grade 8 engaged in Declamations whereas Students of Grade 9 spoke on topics involving risk and fighting for what you love.

The commitment and participation of the students was enthralling and commendable.

Grade 6 and Grade 7 Winners:
  • 1st - Faiha siddiqui
  • 1st - Riday Khandke
  • 2nd - Aarav Punamiya
  • 2nd - Omar Sumar
  • 3rd - Mohammed Aun
  • 3rd - Mohammed Palla
Grade 8 Winners:
  • 1st - Ishrita Jain
  • 2nd - Paarth Gala
  • 3rd - Arjun Sampat
  • 3rd - Alia Daruwala
Grade 9 Winners:
  • 1st - Zahabiyah Tinwala
  • 2nd - Zaid Hawa
  • 3rd - Loveleen Keshwani
Click here to view the picture from the event.
28th Jun 2018: School reopens for Grades 6 to 8
2nd Jul 2018: School reopens for Grade 9 to 12