Middle and High School

The following are the Middle and High School events carried out at Fazlani L'Académie Globale (FLAG). Click on the events to view the photographs from that event.

Grade 6 & 7

  • Yercaud
  • - Grades 6 and 7 visited Yercaud this year as part of the learning beyond classroom program of FLAG. This trip was organised in collaboration with INME.

    The campsite at Yercaus was an enclosed one, set in the wilderness of Tamil Nadu. Students participated in various activities such as high rope and low rope obstacle courses and played games such as 'Helter Skelter' which required teamwork, strategising and coordination. They also went for hikes, allowing the students to appreciate the beauty of nature. A special night walk was included in this 5 day trip which allowed for some exploring and added excitement in this trip. It was an exciting trip which left students with some special and fond memories.

Grade 8

  • Coorg
  • - Students of Grade 8 visited Coorg for a 4 night 5 day educational excursion which was planned by FLAG in collaboration with INME.

    Students performed some fun and adventurous sports such as rappelling, jumaring and rock climbing during this trip. This was a good experience for those who had a fear of heights. The highlight of the trip was INME Olympics. Three teams divided equally played a series of 9 games in which the team with highest point at the end wins. This activity helped students work together and encouraged healthy competition. The INME instructors were very amiable and a great company for the students, as the students loved spending time and exchanging ideas with them.

Grade 9

  • Visit to Traidhos - Chaing Mai, Thailand
  • - Students from Grade 9 got a unique opportunity to visit the Traidhos centre in Chaing Mai, Thailand for a 1 week educational trip in March 2016. The trip was organised and planned keeping the learning outcomes of the IGCSE science courses in mind.

    The activities planned for students provided a great learning experience in a cultural setting which is very different from what the students are exposed to. Students also engaged in several cultural activities to enhance their understanding of Thai customs and traditions. They also participated in action and adventure activities during this trip.

    This trip helped students not only cement their understanding of the science topics but also provided them a window into a new culture thereby making them more internationally minded.

Grade 10

  • Aquasail
  • - Students of Grade 10 went to Alibaug this year from 13th to 15th October 2015 for a sailing camp.

    The camp was organized in collaboration with Aquasail Youth Sailing Foundation (AYSF). During these three days, students learnt how to sail a dinghy/windsurf independently. This 2 day getaway was a relaxing experience for Grade 10 before they got into preparation mode for their mock exams for IGCSE.