Parent Reflections

We, parents of Gulmohar (Playgroup) B are ending our wonderful year and want to express our thanks to the school and teachers for giving us such a wonderful and collaborative atmosphere within the classroom and outside.

The Father's Day event paved way for friendships that will go a long way. It also helped them put in that effort into the lovely event they put up for the students. It actually helped the mothers and children to bond better too and in turn has made us one big happy family. It has made us all the more enthusiastic as a class and we want to make ourselves more involved in making the school the best, which it undoubtedly is for sure.

A big thank you to our lovely teachers for the tremendous efforts they put into molding our children at this crutial time. They have worked undoubtedly hard in making sure our kids come home learning something new everyday.

We are proud of our teachers - Miss Falguni, Sakina and Tazeen and are going to miss you.

We are now looking forward to our children's next big step and have our total confidence in the school for the years to come.

Gulmohar (Playgroup) B
Shivani Doshi - Ekta Kothari - Bushra Sayed - Sonia Keshwani
Pinky Shah - Kavita Mehta - Fatima Fazlani - Shivani Patel
Sarika - Brinda - Rakhi Parikh - Rita Jariwala - Shilpa Jain

As parents, we have seen a sea change in the attitude of our son since moving to this school. Arjun has become more independent, inquiring & confident. We are very happy with the efforts and learning emparted to Arjun by the teachers & Fazlani International School.

Mr. Sampat father of Arjun Sampat, Sr. K.G.

This unit of Inquiry on Market Places was a very mature, informative and interesting topic. Nawaal would actually relate to the market concepts that she learnt in school while shopping out with me. She would point out the buyers and sellers and talk about the demand of a product to its supply.

Nawaal gained a lot from the guest lecturer Mr. Hosh's talk on markets too. Thanks to this unit and largely to the immense effort by Miss Fatima, Nawaal today is so aware of her market around her and all that it takes for the functioning of goods and services to reach her.

Thank You

Mrs. Chashmawala mother of Nawaal Chasmawala (Inqury Unit - Marketplaces)

Working together has always been fun. We mothers got together and presented autumn and Halloween. Bringing the festival of Baisakhi and Diwali was great fun. We mothers enjoyed working together and are grateful for the great support we enjoy from the teachers and the school. Thank you so much for having us and we hope to always be a big part of our children's schooling.

Thanking You

Mamta Faruqi mother of Aayeesha Faruqi
Rubina Sayed mother of Afiya Sayed
Shamlee Bhagat mother of Arjun Bhagat
Kaneez Fatima Punjani (Qom Zohra)
Pradeepti Gupta mother of Arjunveer Gupta

At the outset my sincere thanks to you for the invitation for judging the science projects. I was amazed by the enthusiasm, confidence and the creativity of the students at such a young age!

Heartiest congratulations to you and your team for the leadership provided. I wish you and the school continued glory and achievements.

Warm personal regards.

Yours sincerely,

Virendra S. Gupta (Middle School Science Fair Judge)

It was a very exciting moment to see all the kids in school uniform in the morning at Samiksh's house full of energy with smiles on their faces and enthusiasm in their minds.

Once they all settled in we performed a skid on "BUBBLES the monkey" - who did not share his toys. This was followed by activity worksheets which reminded us of our school days when we saw all of them dig their heads in those sheets.

This experience was a reminder how all kids as friends share each other's thoughts, toys happiness at each other's homes. It is a very good example of friendship. It also gave us a lot of confidence to handle kids in big groups. This morning will always be special as even when they grow up & may not be together in the same learning institutions or fields but such moments of friendship will always be remembered.

Dolly - Sheetal - Jigna - Jeenali (Unit of Inquiry: Friends)

Wonderfully put together and a great learning experience for children as well as for us to see what they are capable of!

Mrs. Abbas (Ammar Abbas) - Science Fair

It was an absolute pleasure coming here! Kids have put in a great effort & have come up with interesting facts. The last stall "Unexplained" was a treat. Keep it up!

Ms. Sana Ahmed - Science Fair

Unleashed their Potential

Surely this exhibition has given the children learning which they would not have achieved through hours of class work study. Good job kids!

Thank You Fazlani

What a wide range of scientific experiments. It's a commendable start to what we hope will be long lasting experiments into science. Well done!

Ms. Meera - Science Fair

This Science Fair indeed shows that 'Education at Fazlani' has evolved and the attitude of the event was that of fun and learning hand in hand.

Ms. Mona Shah - Science Fair