PYP Events

The following are the PYP Events carried out at Fazlani L'Académie Globale (FLAG). Click on the events to view the photographs from that event.
  • Teacher Agency in Action

  • FLAG PYP teachers self initiated an action plan by designing learning spaces for students of Nagpada Municipal Secondary School!! Our teachers have shown tremendous enthusiasm in role modelling actions for students, providing service and using their skills to spread kindness around. Smiling faces of children and gratitude from the teachers of the municipal school is something that will always remain close to our hearts! It is this "Can do attitude" that inspires all our students to initiate action in their own little way!

    Teachers... you all are true role models for all of us at FLAG and Nagpada Municipal Secondary School.

  • Mathemagic

  • Math is everywhere... and "Mathemagic" - our math inquiry fair was a perfect example for it!

    Students showcased their math skills using games, puzzles, mazes and technology on Wednesday, 26th September 2018 at Fazlani L'Academie Globale. Students and parents saw different activities through a math lens while sharpening their problem solving and strategic thinking skills. It was a lovely morning that added knowledge, subtracted apprehensions and multiplied the fun!

  • Book Week @ FLAG

  • PYP students enjoyed a week full of exciting activities that helped them explore books. We organized book hunts, author sessions, mystery readers to come to class and read stories in their mother tongue and lots more. Students were also given the freedom to choose any spot in the school and read! We also invited our domestic staff to read stories to our students in Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. Students took action by conducting a book donation drive, where they collected books and donated the books to students of Meghraj and J.R. Municipal School. At last, we ended this week with a lovely character dress up day, where students and teachers came dressed as their favourite book characters.It was a wonderful way for students to learn about different characters and derive interest in reading stories related to those characters. Through this week, we ignited a new passion for some and definitely sustained and created more excitement for our current book lovers!

  • House Colour Day

  • It was amazing to see children collaborate, chat,help, teach and have FUN all at once at FLAG's very first House Colour Day!

    Through this hour of fun, PYP students made new friends and created smaller multi-aged communities within the larger FLAG community to strengthen connections within our school. This day surely marks a beginning to many new friendships and bonds!

  • Hindi Diwas Celebrations

  • हिंदी दिवस की सबको शुभकामनाएँ !

    Students of grades 1 to 5 enjoyed street plays, songs and a puppet show in a language that connects the whole of India - Hindi!

  • 5th Graders lend a helping hand to those affected by the Kerala Floods

  • While inquiring in to their current unit on migration, our 5th graders made real life connections with the people affected by the floods in Kerala, recognised the concern and offered help. What came next was a collaboration with the Rotaract Club and a donation drive that was made successful by generous contributions from our parents!!!

    Once again we thank all our parents for making this a successful initiative!!!

  • Pre-Independence Day Celebrations

  • PYP Student Council members conducted an interactive session and quiz with all the primary and early year students highlighting not just the sacrifices and efforts that went into attaining freedom but also the modern gifts of freedom enjoyed by their generation!!

  • Fazlani Students earn the position of a curator for the first Children's Exhibition

  • Winners of the CSMVS "My little Museum" earned themselves an opportunity to be the curators for the first exhibition at the children's museum!!

  • International Art Appreciation Week

  • 'International Art Appreciation Week' at Fazlani L'Academie Globale brought out our little artists to pay a tribute to some famous artists of the 20th Century.

    They exceeded all expectations when they recreated famous paintings on the pillars of their school corridors. Melancholy scenes by 'Paul Klee', 'Wassily Kadinsky's' evocative interrelation between colour and form, a fusion of minimal strokes of the Kalighat style, tribal art of Bengal by Jamini Roy, Hundertwasser's harmony of life and art with nature were just mediums through which our students learnt to appreciate art!!!

  • Bastille Day Celebrations

  • Bastille day celebrations at FLAG were all about connecting with the language and culture of France through a French movie screening,a chat session with a diplomat from the French embassy and a fun session conducted by grade 5 students for their juniors, which gave them a peep in to the French Language!!!