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The students had a day full of fun and frolic at school on Children's Day.

Students came dressed in smart casuals other than the routine of wearing uniforms and participated in fun filled activities specially organized for them. The school foyer saw a mini fun fair designed especially for our students. They enjoyed a variety of skill based games, while our tiny tots were treated with an exhilarating magic show that left them sitting on the edge of their seat. There were interactions with the juggler and our young learners also tried their hand on juggling and balancing themselves, having a wonderful time just simply being 'kids'.

We have often heard of adults offering children fun and exciting activities on Children's Day, but here at FLAG, our Student Council members extended the fun they had to the underprivileged children at Muktangan by performing a Shadow Puppet Act all by themselves on Universal Children's Day celebrated on 20/11/14.