Archive List for 2012

The following are the PYP Events carried out at Fazlani L'Académie Globale (FLAG) in the year 2012.

  • Grade 3 Excursion to Panchgani (26th - 28th Jan, 2012)
  • The excursion was designed keeping in mind the objective of educating the students about various machineries used in making of chocolate. The camping experience, adventure activities and the team games helped the children in understanding various character attributes like sense of responsibility, self belief, confidence, ambition and fair play amongst the participants. The students showed great enthusiasm for learning.

  • Grade 4 Excursion to Durshet
  • Students of Grade 4 visited forest eco - system, Durshet from 2nd to 4th February to find evidence of Interdependence within the ecosystems making observations to explore the biodiversity existing there. They were risk - takers as they got ample opportunities for adventurous activities like rappelling, rock climbing, nature trails, etc. The students had a great inquiry learning experience amidst the nature.

  • Grade 5 Excursion to Dandeli
  • Students of Grade 5 went on school excursion to Dandeli from 14th to 18th March, 2012 to gain valuable experience and got an opportunity of observing their customs and manners. They visited places like Syntheri Rocks, Kali River and Tribal Village. The students enjoyed activities like rappelling, rock climbing and the most exciting part was river rafting as most of them displayed the learner profile of being risk takers. They were very open - minded towards the villagers. The beautiful sites and places transported the students with wonder, delight and admiration through the trip.