Learning Support

Welcome to the Learning Support Department!

One of the learning objectives at the FLAG is to "ensure that both the faculty and the curriculum take into account individual learning styles, needs and levels of ability of the diverse student body in both instruction and assessment".

Goals and Objectives

  • Both in Primary and Secondary, students are either supported in class, or given additional small group or one-on-one learning support by the Learning Specialists.
  • Within that framework, we aim to respond to the needs of students presenting: learning disabilities; social and behavioral difficulties; and adjustment, emotional and psychological disorders. We aim to provide an environment that allows students to develop and progress to the best of their potential in an inclusive environment.
  • FLAG follows an inclusion model through differentiation. Teachers are expected to differentiate their lessons, and be open to different kinds of learning styles: This enables students to access the curriculum in a way which is adapted to their needs.

Learning Support Protocol

Students at FLAG can be referred to the Learning Support Department by their current teachers. The need for support of an identified student will usually imply the following procedure:
  • Parents are kept informed of the process and eventual support
  • Observation by Learning Specialists and / or the Head of Learning Support
  • Review previous assessments, psychological reports, school reports
  • Grade Head / Teacher / Student / Parents input
  • General evaluation by the Learning Support Department and pedagogical team
  • Recommendation for counseling
  • Recommendation for, and eventual implementation of, a clinical, psychological, emotional, and educational evaluation by an external specialist
  • Design and implementation of a Learning Support Plan