PYP Music

At FLAG the PYP music classroom provides an environment that stimulates and challenges students. It is well resourced with an extensive range of music recordings, videos and instruments. Students have the opportunity to explore home-made as well as manufactured instruments from a variety of countries and cultures.

Music enables students to communicate in ways that go beyond their oral language abilities. Students are given the opportunity to respond to different styles of music, as well as to music from different times and cultures. Through songs and rhymes, students can hear patterns and develop a sense of the rhythm that applies to languages.

Individually and collaboratively, students have the opportunity to create and respond to music ideas. By exposing students to a wide and varied repertoire of musical styles, they begin to construct an understanding of their environment, their surroundings and structures, and begin to develop personal connections with them.

Additionally, the opportunity to participate in live performances-informal as well as formal-allows students to work collaboratively and gain awareness of the audience.
(Arts scope and sequence)