FLAG Student Council

Each year the new FLAG Student Council is sworn in at the Investiture Ceremony at the beginning of the academic year. This year, the student council members were elected from Grades 9 and 10 after a campaign in school. Candidates had to canvas on the school premises, give speeches and convince their fellow school mates and teachers that they were worthy of the title they were vying for.

The competition was tough but in the end the most suitable candidates were elected. The position of Head Boy went to Samvar Shah and Naquiya Shehabi was declared as the new Head Girl. They along with the Sports Captain, Ibreez Tyabji, the four House Captains from Grade 10 and four Vice Captains from Grade 9 took the student council oath at FLAG on 24th Aug 2017.

The Student Council members have several responsibilities to shoulder:
  • They represent the school at inter school events.
  • Plan and organize celebrations on Teachers Day, Independence Day, Republic Day etc.
  • They ensure that discipline is maintained during assemblies, break times and in between classes.
  • They report student misbehavior in school and on the school buses.
  • They keep a check on student attire and language of communication.
  • They act as role models for others to emulate.
  • They ensure that discipline and silence is maintained during school events like Annual Day, Sports Day etc.
  • They represent the student community and provide valuable feedback to the school staff and management on student related issues.