PYP Student Council

PYP Student Council Elections

In this fast paced world, education is important but the ability to apply your knowledge and work with it is of greater importance. The Student Council is an integral part of learning that ensures that the students can creatively put together things that they have learnt, can confidently portray their point, brainstorm on ideas and inculcate the ability to convince the others.

Thus, Student Council which also teaches students that "authority comes with responsibility" gives the students a fair idea about execution and not just the planning aspects of the various activities.

The Student Council at FLAG is chosen through a rigorous process. In order to select the most suitable candidates there was an essay writing round which was followed by a personal interview. The personal interview was conducted to grade the students on their communication skills and clarity in expressing their views. The students shortlisted in the interview round stood for elections and the candidates with the maximum votes were selected as the proud members of the Student Council.

Investiture Ceremony

PYP Student Council

FLAG PYP Student Council Investiture Ceremony was held in FLAG on 29th, August 2016.