Learning Environments

The school environment at FLAG has a range of areas which encourage inquiry, investigation, exploration and play, both in and out of doors. These include spaces for reading, writing, art, construction and imaginative play and science.

For young students, interactions in and with these spaces stimulate them to become active learners. They need extended periods of time and as much space as possible to explore, investigate and play with a variety of materials in order to learn about themselves, other people and the world around them. Teachers structure dynamic learning environments to provide ongoing opportunities for students to develop planned and spontaneous inquiries by:
  • Making choices and decisions.
  • Using materials in flexible and imaginative ways.
  • Initiating inquiry and asking questions.
  • Working collaboratively with others.
  • Sustaining their interests and extending their knowledge.
  • Developing understanding.
In addition to homerooms dedicated to each class group, the campus is equipped with:
  • A computer technology lab.
  • An art room.
  • A music room.
  • A library.
  • Two multipurpose areas.
  • Three science laboratories - Chemistry , Biology and Physics.
  • P.E.
  • Learning support.
  • Computer technology.
The School is also home to a library with a collection of 10,000 books in many languages, the most predominant of these being English followed by Hindi and French. There are computers for students to use for research. We also have subscribed to the online collection at the British and American Library.

In addition to an on-campus multipurpose area for skating, basketball, an outdoor field in close proximity to enhance it's P.E.programs.

The School is also home to a new Smart Whiteboards in each homeroom which facilitates teaching and learning.


School Resources

All areas of the School are equipped with intranet and internet access via dedicated computer labs, mobile laptop trolleys, library facilities and facilitator computers in homerooms. In addition, a wide range of CD-ROMs, DVDs are available.

We make extensive use of Mumbai as a resource, museum and art galleries. Classes have day trips to various locations around and outside Mumbai to complement the homeroom teaching. Beginning in Grade 3, each grade undertakes a longer trip in India or elsewhere, often linking it to their inquiries in the homeroom.