Chairman Welcome

Mr. A.K. Fazlani - Chairman

To help Children grow into Leaders

On behalf of the Board, the teachers and our administrative staff, I wish you, your families and children, a very warm welcome to FLAG.

True leaders are not born; they are groomed and nurtured, over time. The Fazlani L'Académie Globale (FLAG) aims to be the nursery of the Gen-Next leaders. A talent trained to shape the future by lending a whole new meaning to each academic subject. It's an attempt to help students see the world in a new light so that as citizens of the world, they can carry the mantel of leadership with ease and confidence.

The vision of the trustees is to create an institution that would produce leaders, the world and our country needs.

FLAG students will be accompanied on their learning journey by a qualified and talented team of educators, who listen, facilitate, challenge and support in order to create a productive and enriching learning community.

We have hired teachers for their dedication, professionalism and commitment to students, teachers who are globally focused and able to extend thinking and teaching methodologies beyond national borders.

Everyday, every year, there will be new heights to scale. We will never rest on our laurels because the search for excellence is relentless.

Mr. A.K. Fazlani

How the Trust works?

We encourage open and active communication among parents, teachers, students, administrative staff, and alumni of the school. In all of our activities and dealings with the community, we strive to serve the interests of all members of the FLAG community.

For operational and day-to-day issues, members of the Trust use the Leadership Team as communication channels. More information about the appropriate channels of communication regarding school-related matters (curricular or otherwise) is available with the Front Office at school.

The Leadership team informs the community about the Board decisions and policies at coffee mornings, orientations and events at school.